• AAMI Surgical Gown

    AAMI Surgical Gown

    Surgical gowns are usually rated by their AAMI level. AAMI is the Association of the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation. AAMI was formed in 1967 and they are a primary source of many medical standards. AAMI has four protection levels for surgical gowns, surgical masks, and other protective medical equipment.

  • Coverall


    This Disposable Microporous Coveralls is designed with an integral one-piece hood to provide full protection. One-piece zippers are easy to pick and place. Elastic bands on the cuffs and pants edges provide effective protection. This is your safety protector.

  • Isolation Gown

    Isolation Gown

    All gowns are made of high quality spun bonded polypropylene.Isolation gowns are available in 3 colors to allow easy detection between departments or functions.Impervious, fluid resistant gowns feature a polyethylene coating.Each gown features elastic cuffs with waist and neck tie closures.Not made with natural rubber latex

  • Non Woven Face Mask

    Non Woven Face Mask

    Single-use face mask is a disposable mask that covers the user’s mouth, nose and jaw and is used to wear and block the exhalation or ejection of pollutants from the mouth and nose in general medical Settings. Masks should have a bacteria-filtering efficiency of no less than 95%.

  • Cap


    Blue PP 30 gsm surgeon cap for men and women prevent the surgeons and personnel from being contaminated by potentially infectious substances.

  • Coverall


    1. Protective clothing consists of hat, coat and trousers.

    2, reasonable structure, easy to wear, tight binding parts.

    3. Elastic elastic bands are used to close the cuffs, ankles and caps.

    Functions of SFS material: it is a composite product of breathable film and spunbond cloth, with breathable and waterproof functions. SFS (hot melt adhesive composite) : various film and non-woven composite products.